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Superior Sprinkler is your single source supplier of fire defense equipment, maintenance, and service

 From site analysis, system design and installation, to scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance, you can rely on us to meet all your fire protection needs.

Protecting lives and property since 1986

Choosing the Right Fire Protection System

Start here if you need any part of a fire detection and suppression system.

System Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Start here if you already have a fire protection system.

Fire protection engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environment from the destructive effects of fire. Let us help you protect your site.
  • Open concept multi-tenant buildings
  • Corporate head offices
  • Government facilities
  • Highrise residential properties
  • ICI buildings (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional)
  • Data centers
  • Inventoried warehouses
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Burlington, ON


2175 Teston Rd
Maple, ON
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1826 25th Avenue NE
Bay 4 
Calgary, AB
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Save All Fire Services

10723 – 181 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5S 1N3