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Fire Suppression

Almost anything will catch fire under the right conditions. The key to extinguishing that fire quickly is in using the most suitable fire suppression system.

To identify the best suppression system for your environment, Superior Sprinkler advisors will consider:

  • Use of buildings – What is the purpose of the buildings you want to protect? Are they residences where human life is a priority? Are they warehouses containing valuable inventory?
  • Structures – what materials of construction have been used? What are the dimensions of the area(s) to be protected?
  • Industrial processes – Does the activity on site pose additional risk?
  • Existing and planned materials – How flammable are the materials on site?
  • Transportation systems – is there a fire department or fire hydrant nearby? Is your site on municipal water supply?

Your suppression system could include a combination of any of the methods below:

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