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Clean Agent Gas Suppression

Inert Gas Suppression

Inert gas suppression is used in areas that pose electrical risks, and in areas housing delicate material. Unlike foam, water, and chemical suppression, inert gas does not tarnish surfaces, cause damage to equipment or contribute to atmospheric pollution. This method is considered among the most environmentally friendly ways of protecting areas from fire.

A typical inert gas suppression system uses either a  nitrogen and argon blend, or a single inert gas on its own. Fire is suppressed by quickly discharging gas into the protected space, thereby reducing the volume of oxygen in the environment to a level that sustains human life, but cannot sustain combustion.

Inert systems provide a total flood solution in accordance with international design requirements, and are listed internationally as IG-01.

Typical installations include:

  • Data centers
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Art Galleries

Halo Carbon Gas Suppression

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