Fire Detection

Air Sampling Smoke Detectors (ASSD) are capable of detecting a fire at its earliest stage. Traditional "spot-type" detectors passively detect smoke or heat in their immediate area. Unlike conventional smoke detectors that passively wait for smoke to reach them, the air sampling system continuously draws air from the protected area through a piping network to a detection chamber where it can detect the presence of particles that are created in the very early stages of combustion, even before smoke is visible.

Air sampling systems are designed to detect fire in high value applications, or historic buildings and properties where conventional fire detectors simply fail to provide sufficiently rapid response. This technology creates a high sensitivity smoke detection system up to 1000 times more sensitive than conventional ionization or photoelectric type smoke detectors. The system will detect overheat byproducts of combustion in concentration as low as 0.003% obscuration per foot.

VESDA Air-sampling Smoke Detectors

VESDA aspirating smoke detectors provide the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard. Why is this important? It buys time. Time to investigate a smoke alarm. Time to take action. Time to avoid the danger, damage and distruption caused by fire.

Air Sampling Smoke Detectors (ASSD) VESDA detectors provide solutions for a diverse group of applications ranging from small areas, or cabinets to large open spaces. Below is a partial list of areas where VESDA systems can be used.

  • Telecommunications: VESDA systems are installed worldwide in these mission critical facilities, and maintain national supply agreements with the world’s leading telecommunication organizations.
  • Cultural Facilities: Concealed sampling techniques possible with a VESDA system make it virtually undetectable, while very early detection helps to avoid suppression release.
  • Correctional Facilities: In areas where maintenance access is difficult, or vandalism is an issue, VESDA detectors can be mounted in one central area outside of the protected location. All maintenance and testing can be performed at the VESDA detector.
  • Data Centers: VESDA detectors provide "Peace of Mind" while protecting valuable data in financial data centers, stock exchanges, and other areas where electronics drive today’s modern businesses.
  • Manufacturing: VESDA products help to avoid costly production stops in semi-conductor manufacturing plants, as well as other controlled facilities.
  • Warehousing: VESDA products provide solutions for high value warehousing including archive storage, high-rack, and difficult environments such as refrigerated stores and hazardous good storage.